Report a Repair

We can help you keep your home in good condition through our repairs service for tenants and information about simple fixes and maintenance.

The speed in which we respond to your repair will be dependent on what’s wrong and how urgent the repair is. A full breakdown of repair timescales can be found below.

There are a number of ways you can report a repair:

Call our Housing Services Team on 03300552679
Email us at
Call into your local office and report a repair in person.
If you live in one of our housing schemes, you can contact any member of staff at the service.

When you report a repair, we will need to know:

Your name and address
A contact telephone number or email
A detailed description of the repair i.e. what needs repairing and where the repair is
Confirmation of a convenient time for us to carry out the repair.

The targets for responding to day-to-day repairs have been sorted into categories depending on the severity of the repair as shown below. The examples of the repairs are indicative and not exhaustive. They are a guide only.

Emergency – Same Day

Damage or faults to a property where there is an immediate serious risk to persons or property, for example unstable structures or serious flooding
Gas leaks
Dangerous electrical faults
Failure of heating system in winter when property is occupied by elderly tenants, tenants with young children or otherwise vulnerable

Urgent – Same Day

Complete lighting failure
Serious water leaks from tanks and pipes
Blocked drains
Dangerous structures
Re-glazing where its absence presents a lack of security
Public area lighting
Blocked toilets (where there is only one toilet in the property)
Lift breakdown

Urgent – 1 Working day

No hot water or heating outside winter months
No heating (outside winter months or where tenants are not vulnerable)
Leaking pipes/waste traps

Urgent – 3 Working days

Faulty front door locks (but not lock-outs which are the responsibility of the tenant)
Blocked toilets (where there is more than one toilet in the property)
Intermittent electrical fault (‘tripping’ circuits)

Routine Repairs – Within 15 working days

All other items of a day to day repair nature

Annual Maintenance

Boiler servicing
Gas safety check
Electrical safety check
Appliance safety check

Report a Repair

To report a repair please complete the below form.